The Intima Classic - Our Best Seller

The Intima Classic is a market leading feminine hygiene unit designed to be aesthetically pleasing and robust.  Cleverly designed so there is no visual contact with waste for the user.  It has a small footprint so takes up minimal floorspace and is available in a range of finishes to match your decor.  Also available in Deluxe Chrome and Mini versions.

For additional hygiene, there is a 'no-touch' fully automatic version.  Simply wave your hand over the sensor and the lid opens, closing automatically after receiving contents.  

The units are free on loan with service intervals of 2 - 4wkly and are carried out by our trained technicians.


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Health & Safety (Sanitisation)

The Units are kept odour free, using a dry crystal powder that employs advanced bactericidal technology for control of MRSA; E-Coli; Hep-B; HIV and a wide range of other micro-organisms.