We use Milliken mats for their superior quality.

Milliken WOM Mats are specially designed to pick up dirt and moisture in heavy traffic areas and buildings where a high level of cleanliness is critical. They are exclusively manufactured from ECONYL® polyamide yarns which are 100% regenerated from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled nylon. These fibres are then twisted and heat set for durable performance after repeated wash cycles. They also have carbon fibres twisted into the yarn which helps to dissipate static electricity.

WOM® Mats have a high level of UV resistance and are extremely colourfast due to their solution dyed textile. As a result they have a superior appearance retention over the product lifetime, and they will not pick up colour from other solution dyed mats during the wash process.  

Standard sizes:

  • 115 x 180cm (in stock)
  • 115 x 300cm (in stock)
  • 200 x 300cm (available to order)
  • 200 x 500cm (available to order)
  • 85 x 150cm (in stock)
  • 85 x 300cm (in stock)

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Logo Mats

As well as standard dark charcoal mats for front entrances we can also design any logo mat up to 2m wide and 5m long.

Branding, Corporate Image, Advertising and Functionality
Effective communication is vital. The right messages, instructions and reminders – strategically placed in the right locations – have a huge impact in positively affecting behaviours.

With Milliken’s high resolution digital printing technology, we can offer custom messaging and branding, beautiful patterns, photo-realistic images and logos with Identity Logo Mats. Milliken’s patented, highly agile print technology bond colour into the fibre. As a result, we can achieve unparalleled flexibility, colour, clarity and pattern precision.

From a palette of 151 standard colours, you can create the most complex photorealistic and logo designs as well as rich and saturated solid shades. In addition to our standard palette, our designers also have access to a bank of over 16 million colour possibilities.

Higher definition, clearer text and realistic effects – Identity Logo Mats operate at 76 dots per inch allowing us to achieve greater clarity of design, finer text definition, shadowing, shading and 3D effects.

If you have a logo file great just send this over and we will raise the artwork for you to view, remember if you require it laundered just ask, we can offer 2 weekly and 4 weekly servicing. Great for first impression in your Reception and keep the dirt outside being walked through your building!  

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